Monday, December 02, 2013

Santa Advent Calendar

Nathan and I read the book I've Seen Santa written by David Bedford and illustrated by Tim Warnes.
This is a cute book about a bear family.  The little bear wants to stay awake and wait for Santa to come and visit.  After his parents put him to bed, he keeps sneaking downstairs to wait for Santa.  The first time he thinks he sees Santa, it's really his dad drinking Santa's milk.  The second time, he thinks he sees him, it's his dad once again eating Santa's cookies.  Then he spies his mom sneaking presents in the stockings.  His parents finally give in and decide to wait for Santa together.  They never do see Santa because they fall asleep, but Santa sees them.
Then we made a Santa Advent Calendar
We used a paper plate, white and red construction paper, google eyes, a red pompom, cotton balls, glue and a stapler.
Nathan painted the paper plate with a flesh colored paint.
Then he cut out a hat using the red paper.  He glued the eyes, nose and hat to the plate.
He also glued cotton balls to the hat and face for a moustache and beard.
Next, he took the white paper and made a paper chain with it.

We attached a ribbon at the top to hang it with and
we stapled the chain to the bottom of the face to look like a beard.
Each morning Nathan can rip off one link of the chain,
while he waits for the night that Santa will visit him.

Are you ready to see Santa?

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