Monday, February 03, 2014

Motivation Mondays

If there is one thing I learned during my weight loss experience it's that anything you desire in life is worth working hard for in order to achieve other words, it takes a lot of determination.  with some strength, will power and the drive to succeed thrown in the mix.

I have applied this to a lot of things lately, not just with my weight loss, but with going back to school and the sewing stuff and more.  It's not an easy process and more than likely you will want to give up more than once...but just keep plowing ahead and you will achieve great things.

There have been lots of times that I went to bed determined that I was going to wake up and go for a walk or run, only to wake up in the morning and think to myself --- ah screw it, I don't want's too cold, or it's too dark, or I'm too tired, etc.  A lot of times I have to force myself to move, but once I'm out there and doing it, I'm fine.  That goes for just about anything in life...its so easy to set big goals and dreams, but the hard part is following through with the plans to live the dream.

Hey, no one in life has ever said it was going to be easy....that's why all those fad diets, pills, stupid gimmicks always suck you in.  Everyone wants to take the easy road.  But that's not going to give you the long lasting results.  There's a reason those things don't are never learning how to eat properly or exercising the way you should and you gain it all back.  The simple truth is...there is no easy way out.  It takes hard work and determination and will power to lose weight (and keep it off).  The temptation for the easy way is always going to be's what you do with that temptation when faced with it, that matters.  Are you going to give up and give in? Or are you going to fight back and win big and realize that half the struggle is the battle inside your own head.

Life is what you make it....dream big and fight hard and you can achieve just about anything!

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