Wednesday, July 09, 2014

fizzy sidewalk chalk paint

we recently made some sidewalk chalk paint
and to make it more interesting
we made it fizzy too.

sidewalk chalk paint is super easy to make
and there are many ways to make it.
it's also super cheap and fun entertainment.

I like to take equal parts cornstarch and water and add food dye.
I make lots of different colors to make it more fun and interesting.

we use foam brushes too, but you can use any kind of brush or even your hands.

the fizzy part comes when spray it with vinegar.
the paint gets bubbly and fizzy and if you listen carefully, you can even hear it crackle.

some little one loved the spray bottle...

you can see the difference the spray makes if you look at the first (summer) pic,
which we did not spray....and this pic that was sprayed with the vinegar.

the lettering is more thicker here, than the other one.

fizzy or not....

sidewalk chalk paint will probably always be a favorite around here.

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