Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week Five on Nutrisystem

It's been a whole month since I started Nutrisystem.

This week I lost two pounds...yes, that says TWO pounds!!

Woohooo, Yay Me!!

Hard work pays off....eventually.

I changed a few things around as far as my eating was concerned and it seems to have helped.
I also have been taking advantage of the mild weather, as much as possible.

so the pros....

Tuesdays and Thursdays were/are hard for me, because I literally have class all day,
my classes are back to back, leaving only 15 minutes in between.
Before I made the recent changes, I was skipping meals and then over eating once I got home (not only because I was hungry, but I was trying to fulfil all the food/calorie needs).

This week however, I made sure to pack a few snacks (such as peanuts, raisins, a piece of fruit, or string cheese) as well as a lunch and I made sure to take a few minutes to eat.  I even ate a few bites during class, whatever works, right? And I have been trying to be more active as well, by walking around the track at the park, while it's been nice enough to enjoy it.

I think these positive changes have helped me break through a bit
and made the two pound loss a successful achievement.

and now, the cons....

I have hit a major road block mind wise.  Meaning I have been suffering from some pretty major depression.  I'm also lacking energy.  Not sure if it's the depression  or something else, but I honestly don't feel like doing anything.  If I could get away with sleeping all day, I probably would.

I'm making steps to change this, hopefully something good will happen to
help me out of the funk I've been in.

Here's my tally so far.  May not seem like much - 8 pounds, but it's all good!

Starting weight -  Jan. 16, 2017 ---  212
                             Jan. 23, 2017 ---  207
                             Jan. 30, 2017 ---  208
                              Feb. 06, 2017 --- 207
                              Feb. 13, 2017 --- 206
                              Feb. 20, 2017 --- 204

**Disclosure ~ I will be receiving access to the website and food in exchange for reviewing the diet plan.  All opinions herein are my own and not influenced by Nutrisystem.   #ad #sponsored

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