Friday, January 11, 2008

who ever said having kids was easy, should be shot!

All week long we have been battling the sickies. You know those little buggers that like to crawl into our bodies when no one is looking. Otherwise could be described as the flu, a cold, cough, snotty nose, stuffed up nose, pukey stomach, headache, body chill, fever, sore throat, etc. You get the idea.

First I was sick with a sinus infection. One of those where if you bend over, you feel like your face is going to fall off and you feel like you are never going to breathe normally again. Not to mention the pain from those suckers is horrible. Then Anthony got the pukies and other realm sickies (you know the kind where you sit on the toilet, with a bucket in your hands ~ LOL)! Now Nicholas has it, along with a fever. And Rich said he doesn't "feel well".

And you know that little gem of a bug will be passed all through the house. Until we have no clean sheets left. And the laundry room smells like throw up. And you know who has to take care of everybody, don't you? And who will be washing all those sheets? And who will have to listen to all the whining, crying and complaining? And do you think anyone wants to hear that person whine? Of course not! Don't you know that mothers are not supposed to get sick?!

Rich told me that when he was little, his parents went to Spain and brought home these little hand bells. They are beautiful (he has one). The bells were given to who ever was sick, so they could ring the bell when they needed something. So mother dear, could run her ass off taking care of everyone. Rich once suggested that we give the kids a bell to ring when they are sick. Uh, you know what I suggested that he could to do with the bell, right? LOL! Not really I don't normally talk like that. But I did think it! At any rate, the children do not have bells to ring. Thank God. It's enough just to have to run around cleaning up that stuff.

I guess you could say that I have a strong stomach, because that kind of thing doesn't bother me. Or maybe it's the fact that I have to clean it up anyway, so I might as well not make more of a mess to clean, right?

This reminds me of another story. I promise it's the last one, for those who are thinking that just reading this is making them sick. Years ago, when the twins were little babies (toddlers), we drove to SeaWorld (when it was still in Ohio) and after we got a hotel, we went to Burger King to eat. Well, Sarah (who we didn't know got carsick easily at the time) started throwing up her food. Rich jumped up and ran out to the car to get some clean clothes. Other customers got up and left. Rich couldn't eat anymore, the employee who was cleaning the mess up started to get sick. And I went to the bathroom cleaned Sarah all up, went back out and cleaned up the mess on the floor, cause the employee couldn't do it anymore. Went and washed my hands and sat back down and started eating. Rich looked at me and said how can you eat after all that. And I said, Cause I'm The Mom, That's Why!
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