Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008 is here!

Last year (2007) was a long one for me. It seemed like it was going to go on forever. But now it's over.

The kids went back to school today. Thank God! You know, I love it when they are here, and it's not too bad. They keep themselves pretty busy and it's easier after Christmas when they get their new toys or junk to keep them occupied. But after a while they start to grate on each other's nerves. I think it's from cabin fever or something. But they will start picking fights with each other, just generally doing things for fun (at least they think it's fun). And it's at that point when I know they had enough of each other.

It's like the first week is great than the last 3 days are terrible. Same thing for spring and summer break. For the first couple of months in the summer it's great. But that last week or two before school, I had enough of the crap that they will do to each other.

I really shouldn't complain because for the most part they get along great. It's just every now and then, someone will be mad at someone else. And the other kids will take sides and then it's all out war here.

Oh well, Christmas is over and the new year is here. The kids are back to school and things are going back to normal. I hope we have a great year! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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