Monday, April 07, 2008

Guess what I woke up to this morning!

Oh I bet you are thinking all kinds of horrible things aren't you? Well, actually it was something very surprising and really sweet.

I have been bitching for weeks that no one helps with the laundry, the kids especially. I am having such a hard time keeping up with things when I'm working so much (another bitchy vent that I have). I know that's surprising when you realize that I have two sets of washers and dryers. But yes, I still get behind. Mostly because the kids don't put their clean clothes away correctly. Now I could easily solve that problem, by putting their clothes away for them, but I'm their mother, not their maid. I don't think it will kill them to put their own damn clothes away.

Usually their clothes (mainly the boys do this) end up on the floor of their closets, on top of the dressers, instead of in the dressers, etc, etc. Now that they are on the floor, they are dirty again, right? I really hate that. Let me tell you how much fun it is finding clothes with hangers still attached, socks still put together, jeans still folded, in the laundry room. Waiting for me to come along and wash them all over again. I really hate washing clean clothes, wasting water, detergent, money, my time.

Plus, Amanda is always whinning about how she doesn't have any clean clothes. It's really annoying when it's coming from a teenager, believe me. I keep telling her to stop crying about it and just help me. And if she won't help me, than she shouldn't be whinning about it. It makes me crazy!

So anyway, I woke up today and went down to the laundry room, like I do most of my mornings, to start a couple of loads. When what do I see? Amanda with Zachary washing clothes, putting clothes in the dryer and sorting out the remaining clothes. I was so thrilled, I threw my arms around Amanda and thanked her profusely. It was so nice and wonderful walking back upstairs without a laundry basket in my arms. And when I got to the top of the stairs, starring at me from the couch were three baskets of folded laundry.

I'm grateful my girl listened, I really am. However, I'm beginning to wonder just what this kid wants from me, LOL! Everything is usually attached with a price when my kids are involved!
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