Monday, April 07, 2008

Nathan, the Helper

Nathan, God love him, is the sweetest little boy, ever! I just love him to pieces.

We went to a doctor's office recently and they had a bird aviary there. Nathan fell in love with those birds! He ran back and forth with the birds as they flew around. He knew he had to be quiet, so he kept looking at me, shooshing me and those around him. He really loves animals. It shows in the way he cares for his stuffed puppy and teddy bears. He lines them all up in a row on the couch and cuddles up with them as he watches cartoons. He tries to give them sips of his milk or bites of his food. He just wants to make sure they get attention and love, and making sure they aren't hungry. He is always kissing them and making everyone else kiss them. It really is just the sweetest, most adorable thing you have ever seen.

He always watches the other kids feed the dog, the fish, the cat. He watches them and their dad give the dog and cat little treats and things. He always wants to help. And he gets the biggest smile on his face when he hands the cat or dog a treat. So watching and doing all this, he knows exactly what food goes to what animal. And he knows where we keep the food and treats. Being as he's a toddler, he's into everything. And I'm not always there to follow his every move, as I have other things to do too.

About a week ago, Nathan must have decided the cat was hungry, because I found two empty containers of cat treats on the floor. Which by the way, were filled to the top. He had pushed a chair over to the top of the dresser where we sometimes keep the treats. And apparently fed the cat. The next thing I know the cat throws up in about ten different piles on the floor. I hate the cat, I make Amanda and Rich clean the litter box, I just won't go near it. So here I am cleaning up cat puke all day. Did I mention that I hate the cat?

Two days later, I walk into the kitchen, only to see millions of fish flake food floating all over the tank and a chair pushed up to the counter where the food was kept and another chair pushed in front of the tank. I immediately go get Rich, since the tank and fish are his babies. We come to find out that Nathan dumped three cansisters of flake food out in the tank. So for the past two days, we have been cleaning the fish tank. Scooping up what food we can out with a net and using a hose to suck out the rest.

What a mess! And poor little Nathan, God love him, he just wanted to make sure his little buddies didn't go hungry! See, he really is the sweetest little boy, ever!
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