Thursday, April 10, 2008

random things

So I discovered that Nathan is afraid of bugs (much like his mommy). There was an ant crawling on his arm, which Nicholas knocked off and killed for him (what's funny - is last year Nicholas was afraid of bugs, he thought ants were spiders). Nathan must have felt buggy after that, because he was freaking out, wanted his shirt off, wouldn't let me put clothes on him, wanted his diaper off, he thought there were bugs everywhere. Nicholas thought it was hilarious! I, then told Nick "Do you remember when you were afraid of bugs." He laughed and said yes. Guess I'm not the only one, eh?

I was outside yesterday and noticed that my flowers are blooming (tuplips aren't up yet), I'm so excited!! I always thought I had a black thumb, but this is proving me wrong. But than again, how hard is to transplant flowers and making sure the bulbs are underground. Of course they are going to grow. But I'm still excited! They are very pretty. Don't remember what they are called maybe crocus, not sure. They are pink, purple and white and apparently last year I planted them in a pretty pattern, because they actually go around the tree planter bed, pink, purple white, pink, purple white.

I'm just so excited, can't you tell? I love flowers, especially tulips, can't wait until I start to see those coming up!!
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