Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I think I just lost ten years of my life!

I was downstairs this morning throwing some laundry in the washer, when I picked up some wet towels and what did I see under all those towels? A HUGE, black, hairy, freaky looking SPIDER!!! I was freaked and I think I lost a few years of my life. You know like one of those freak attacks. I wonder if a person has enough of those, would it eventually kill them. You know, like scare them to death.

I saw this spider and my skin began to crawl. It just sat there on the floor. So I hurry up and jump on the sucker. Yes, literally jumped up, then down right on top of it. And the damn thing had to nerve to stick to the bottom of my slipper (which by the way, have hard soles, so don't worry I don't have spider parts on the bottom of my slipper). So I'm down there trying to scrape it into the garbage can, and it's legs are moving. And all I could think of was this thing is calling for back up or something. The next time I go down there, there will be ten more of the suckers. LOL!

I'm sure (at least I hope) that's not true. But the laundry is going to have to wait until I get the courage to go back down there. I still can't believe I jumped on it and killed it, instead of running around like a nut and getting Rich to come and kill it for me. Which is what I usually do, wait for the boys or Rich to get it for me. That's their job anyway, isn't? I still remember the time when Rich and I were first married. I was taking a shower in the upstairs bathroom and he was down in the livingroom. I saw a spider crawling down the wall and I started screaming bloody murder. Rich ran up the stairs and practically knocked the door down to get in the bathroom. He was kinda mad that I made him come running over a spider, but he killed it for me and he's been doing it ever since. Every once in a while I will get brave enough to kill one myself. But that's not very often and it always leaves me shaking and freaking out for hours afterwards.

Oh well, it's been a couple of hours now, I think it's safe to do some more laundry. So I'll be venturing downstairs, hoping and praying that I don't have another encounter with a spider, LOL! Oh and if you want another good spider story, there's one in my archives, actually there are probably a few LOL!
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