Thursday, September 03, 2009

Confession Time

*I make my 4 yo go with me to the laundry room (if the big kids are home then I make one of them go with me). It's not that I don't love being by myself or like I'm afraid to go in the basement by myself. It's just that I'm scared to death of spiders. And it's that time of year and they like my laundry room for some reason, especially the clothes. So I make someone go with me. It's not like a 4 yo without shoes on is going to be a big help when I see a spider, but he makes a good cheerleader when I'm trying to kill one.

*I, not only stayed in my jammies all day long yesterday, but I slept in them too. Ewwww, so gross, I know! But I have a good excuse, I wasn't feeling very well yesterday.

*I joined twitter over 6 months ago, but I've never tweeted anything. It's just one more thing that I know I would be addicted to, so I try not to even go there and read anything.

*My hair has been falling out since before I had the radiation done (for my thyroid) and it's still falling out. I need to see a doctor, but mine retired and I HATE going to the doc for anything and now I have to find a new one (endocrinologist). It would be nice to have the reassurance that everything is normal, but I'm scared that I'll get bad I don't want to go.

*I bought myself some "body volumizing" shampoo to use just for me and got mad that my daughter couldn't even wait until I opened it first and she used it. What really made me the most upset is that her hair is thick and gorgeous and this beautiful red color that women would kill to have and she's doesn't like it, in the meantime I'm afraid to color mine blonde again for fear all my hair will fall I'm walking around with 2 inches of roots showing and looking ridiculous, I'm sure.

*I was so sick this morning that I took some allergy pills that made me so sleepy that I laid down for a while and entertained Nathan by letting him take pictures with my cell phone.

Oh...there's more, but I think that's enough to embarrass myself with for awhile!

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