Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The road to hell is paved with good intentions....

After the last post, I began to think (scary, I know), that I may have started this whole bathroom thing. See, when the kids were little I carried them everywhere, even into the bathroom. I did that for a few reasons....

1. because I just loved those sweet little babies that I could hardly put them down.

2. because that way they were close by in case they started to cry or needed something.

Then as they got a little older, as in the toddler stage, I took them in there with me so that I would know exactly what they were up know instead of dumping eggs and flour on the floor, or tearing pages out of books, or coloring on the walls, etc. Of course they still managed to do those things anyway...but you get my point.

And so now, here I am complaining about the fact that the kid follows me into the bathroom all.the.time. Well...gee wonder why he does that?!

Which then leads me into my next bitch....Bedtime battles! (who would of thought that rocking those sweet little babies to sleep would wreck so much havoc at bedtime!!)

When the kids were infants, I did what every mother does, I rocked my babies to sleep. Even after they said you should lay them in bed awake to get them used to being alone and used to falling asleep without help. Yeah, I have no one to blame but myself now that I have a boy who doesn't like to go to bed. What makes it worse is that I have done this with every single child of mine. I rocked them to sleep....sang them them stories and then struggled to keep them in their beds every night. Have you ever watched those Super Nanny episodes where she teaches the parent to keep putting their child back in bed every time they climb out....yeah, I've been doing that for YEARS! Heck, I think Nanny Jo must have been peeking in my windows at night and stole that idea from me.

You'd of thought I would have learned my lesson with the last five kids, but alas nope, I'm a dumbass doomed to repeat the same mistakes. See even a seasoned (yeah, after 6 kids - 2 being teenagers I think I can claim seasoned rights) parent makes mistakes. Everything is like one big experiment when it comes to kids. And the only person or people you have to blame for your screw ups is yourself.

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