Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Moment of Silence.....

Our fridge died this past weekend. I thought it was weird when the leftovers I put in there two days ago ended up with mold growing on them. And everything seemed like it wasn't cold enough. Plus, the labels on the Coors Light weren't blue (the bottles are supposed to be cold activated - when the mountains on the label turn blue, then they're cold). Uh oh, this wasn't good!

The weird thing was the freezer was and is working just fine. I checked the temp in the fridge to make sure it wasn't messed with by one of the kids and it was set for the right setting. So, our fridge simply died. It lived a good life....and it will be sadly missed! We were planning on buying a new one when we re-did the kitchen and put the old one in the garage as an extra. That won't be happening now.

Another thing that won't be happening now is the purchase of a bigger bed. We were planning on buying ourselves a king size mattress this year, but now that we are in need of a fridge, the mattress is out the window. Best laid plans and all that, damnit! I was looking forward to being able to stretch out and not get elbowed off the bed and all that. Oh well what can you do! Damn refrigerator!

The funny thing is even though the kids know full well that the dumb thing is broke, they still keep looking in there. I don't know what for, since it's empty. Amanda said it was force of habit, that's pretty sad when you consider how many times they have opened that dang door looking for food! What's even worse is that I keep finding food in there....see, Nathan likes to stick his plate in there when he's had enough to eat. He's always saying he wants to save the rest for later (which he never eats later anyway). I came home from work on Sunday to find two plates in there and last night there was a bowl and a plate. All of which had to go straight to the garbage can.

Now, I'm just sitting here waiting for Rich to get ready to go, so we can buy a new one. We looked at some on Saturday, but Home Depot said their delivery dates were backed up until the end of the month...like we can wait that long with 6 kids. Then, Lowe's had a sign up that said "delivered in 7 days" and when Rich asked about the one we liked the man told him it would take 2 weeks...so why the heck do you have a sign that says otherwise, because they don't have it in stock, that's why. We would have to buy the floor model if we wanted it sooner than that. Which at this point, I don't really care if it's a floor model as long as it's not beat to hell and back or scratched. I can always clean it out really well, if that's what I'm worried about know what I mean.

I just want to get the damn thing taken care of so I can start cooking again. I can't cook anything, if I don't have enough storage to put the leftovers (did I mention we have a small little fridge, we've been using in the meantime?). Wake up and get a move on Rich...nap time is OVER, I want my new fridge NOW!

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CynthiaK said...

That's funny that they keep looking in there, even though they know it's broken! Sounds like something I would do!

Hope you get a new fridge REALLY soon!!