Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Day Rocked Yesterday!

Rich and I went fridge shopping. I got the exact one that I wanted. He was looking at side by sides. Which I have always said I wanted, but after looking at them I just didn't think it was big enough inside. So I told him I liked the freezer on the bottom one better. Which works out best for him in the long run anyway, because of his back. So we went with an LG stainless steel bottom freezer and she is a pretty little thing!

Usually after shopping I get so tired that I don't feel like doing much other than kicking back and watching tv or relaxing. So at that point I really didn't feel like making dinner. Rich suggested ordering pizza and I jumped all over that. No cooking for me! And my favorite food to boot!

After all that, he decided to let Amanda and me do a little bit of mother/daughter bonding, which we needed desperately since we have been at each other's throats lately. Rich had two gift cards to CVS that he let me and Amanda blow on make up. Gotta love that!

As I was relaying all my goodies to Rich, he said you haven't had a great've had a great week. Do you remember getting a new cell phone this week too? I said "Oh yeah, my life rocks!" And best of all, today is my payday. Great week indeed!

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Mary K Brennan said...

Pizza and CVS all in one day. What a lucky girl.