Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just Thinkin' Out Loud

Every morning I feel like it's a race to see if I can beat Nathan to the TV. Even though we have several TVs in this house and a few DVD players hooked up to them, there is only one TV that Nathan wants to watch...the one in the living room where I want/need to exercise. Sure I could go into another room, but what would be the point when he would just follow me in there and whine just as much as he does in the living room. Every time I get ready, I find stuff to occupy him and it's still not enough. I have tried taking him for walks to get my exercise, but with the weather changing it's just getting too chilly in the morning to take him out. Besides, it's only a half hour. It's like as soon as he hears the music - Wham there he is. "Mommmm I want some milk....when are you gonna be done....I'm bored....I want to watch cartoons..." etc. It progresses to the point where he screams he hates me. And at that point - I don't really care, because I'm thinking to myself, why can't you give me one stinkin half hour! I give you everything all.day.long. I put up with you following me into the bathroom and leaving the door hanging open when you leave. It is literally making me insane! The other day he even threw stuff on the floor to try and trip me. And when that didn't work he started spitting on the floor. Of course, he didn't think it was very funny when I made him swiffer the whole room. He kept screaming I'M SORRY and I didn't spit on the WHOLE floor. At least he hasn't done it again...maybe he learned a lesson? I don't know {Sighhhh}

I'm so tired of this stupid spyware crap that keeps popping up on my screen!!! If I click on "protect" it brings up another screen that wants to make me pay for crap. So, I keep clicking on "ignore" and every 20 minutes or so that damn freakin' thing pops up again. I tried going through the programs and finding it so I could delete it from the computer, but I can't find the right one and it takes forever to go through all the crap the kids programed on here so I just sign off and figure I'll deal with it for a while longer.

Did I mention that I'm stuck in the house all day today? Yes, our phone company promised us faster, free services and sent us another router thing for the internet. They also gave us call waiting, caller ID and another program. And then charged us for everything. Rich asked them for a mailing label to return the router and they sent us a Fed EX label with a letter explaining how to return it. It specifically says you can't drop it in a Fed EX box. You have to have an agent sign for it. Great! Considering the fact that we live in nowhere land that doesn't have a Fed EX office. Which meant I had to schedule the man to come to my house and pick the damn thing up. And so here I sit waiting for the guy to come and get it.

In the meantime, I have to attend a mandatory meeting at work today (there are several times during the day, but they are all mainly in the afternoon, which is when the Fed EX guy is probably going to come). If I miss this one, after I already missed the last one because of Sarah's finger and the fridge being delivered I'm going to get into trouble. The last meeting is going to be at 10 at night, which I know I'll be too tired to go to. All I can do is pray the guy gets here before the meetings.

Then on top off it all, I signed Nathan up for Story Hour at the library and we haven't been able to go to any of them since they started, because there has always been some sort of problem that makes it impossible to go. Last week we had to wait for a certified letter. This week we have to wait for the Fed EX man. I thought going to Story Hour might help Nathan interact with kids his own age. And give us something to do to break up the week, but we haven't been able to go to it yet {Ughhhh}

Why does life have to keep throwing us lemons....we have more lemonade than we could possibly ever drink - and my kids love lemonade. ((((knock, knock, knock - ding dong))))))

Oh....speak of the devil......the Fed EX man just came......now you can scratch about half of my bitching. Actually, you can forget all of it - except for the part about Nathan being a pain in the butt when I exercise. Oh and the anti virus protection thingy. Maybe the sun will come out today too. Hey a girl can dream, can't she?!
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