Thursday, July 21, 2011

Swim Swim by Lerch

Swim Swim by Lerch is a delightful tale of a lonely fish named Lerch, who wants to find a friend.  His first attempts do not go well as he tries to befriend such inanimate objects as the pebbles in the bottom of his tank, bubbles and a deep sea diver tank decoration.

Finally, a furry "friend" comes along and Lerch is confused by the fact that his new friend keeps calling him "Lunch"

The cat plucks "Lunch" out of his fish bowl and puts him in a new home with a new friend named "Dinner"....who keeps reminding the cat that her name is actually Dinah.  Now, both Dinah and Lerch can be friends....but for how long remains to be seen with a furry feline as their "friend".

For this super fun and cute craft, we used poster paints, three paper plates, construction paper of various colors, wiggly eyes and of course glue.

Cut the fluted edge off the paper plates, leaving the smaller inner circle, making sure to save a small part of it for the tail of the fish.

While Nathan painted two of the plates as fish, I cut out a fish bowl using a larger sheet of blue construction paper.

Nathan painting Lerch.....

Amanda made a cute hat for Lerch.

And a ribbon for Dinah

We glued Lerch and Dinah to our fish bowl with some cut out heart bubbles.

We used the third plate to paint a cat.  We cut ears out of the fluted edging and glued them to the back.  Nathan wanted his cat to be rainbow colored.

(Take notice of the tab, we left on the plate.  We used the tab to glue the cat to the paper).

We glued the tab of the bottom of the cat to the back of the fish bowl and glued wiggle eyes, a nose, mouth, whiskers and a tongue to the cat.

We finished it off by gluing wiggle eyes to the fish.

Our finished craft - Cat, Dinah and Lerch

Soooo Cute, Don't you just LOVE it?

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