Friday, November 16, 2007

Backpack, Backpack

Backpack, backpack; Backpack, backpack
On your back I'm loaded up; with lots of things to do.
Anything that you might need; I've got inside for you.
Backpack, backpack; Backpack, backpack.... Yeah!

Okay, Sorry about that I just can't say backpack without thinking of that Dora the Explorer song, LOL!


My laziness has finally caught up to me. At the beginning of the school year, we bought the kids school supplies, just like everyone else does. Only after about six weeks of school, Nicholas spilled something on backpack. So it was laying on the floor in the laundry room waiting for me to clean or wash. It eventually got buried under a bunch of clothes. With six kids the laundry can get out of control if you don't stay on top of it. Well, I hadn't done the laundry for a couple of days and Nicholas was just taking his stuff to school in a plastic bag. Not so bad unless you consider the fact that he had to use the bag for about 3 weeks.

I know that was pretty bad, right? Not quite yet.

On Nicholas' birthday I finally found the backpack and washed and hung it up to dry out. Guess what Nicholas' teachers decided to get him for his birthday.... Yep, you guessed it, a backpack!

Talk about embarrassing! Rich said they probably thought that with six kids we couldn't afford to buy him one, LOL so they bought one for him.

I don't think my face could get any redder. Except for the fact that Nicholas decided he wanted to take his Jack Sparrow backpack to school, instead of the one the teachers bought.

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