Friday, November 09, 2007

Trick or Treat and Emergency Rooms

A week or two ago we did our Trick or Treating around our neighborhood. The day started off great, but I still didn't have a costume for Nathan. So I ran off with Nathan to find him one. Rich was going to run and get some more candy before everyone started stopping by our house. In our usual late, last minute run (it started at 2 and it was 1 when we started). Rich likes to make sure he tells everyone that he was always on time, even early for everything, before he met me. I'm always doing things at the last minute and I'm always late for everything.

Anyway, I found Nathan a lion costume at Old Navy. They had a kangaroo one as well, but the lion one fit him best. It was half off, can't beat a deal like that. Then as I'm getting in my car, Rich calls to tell me his car battery is dead. The battery has a hard time keeping charged, because the kids always leave the lights on in his car. So he couldn't buy the candy yet. I tell him that we have some candy in our room, because they did t-o-t at work and I brought home some candy for the kids.

At any rate, I tell him I'm done with the costume, so I'll get more candy. I never buy Halloween candy, Rich always does it. So imagine me standing in Walmart with a whole, aisle of nothing but candy. I call Rich to ask what kind to get. Then I call him again and again. Until I finally grab something I think is good. We always buy m&m's and candy bars. But I couldn't figure out what to get, as in price to quantity ratio. I'm so bad at math. Which is what makes me laugh about Rich, I could in a store where there is a sale, and call him to ask him what the price would be with the discount. He really is my calculator man, LOL!

I'm on my way home with candy and costume. I'm running late it's 2 now and already started. So Anthony is passing out the other candy and Amanda is getting the twins and Nicholas in their costumes. When I get home Anthony is relieved because he was running out of candy. Amanda and Sarah are fighting in the bathroom. Nicholas is ready. I find out later that Amanda used my eyeliner to draw a beard on Nick (he was a pirate). Nice, huh? Zachary went t-o-t with his best friend and his parents. Anthony and Amanda didn't t-o-t, they are way too cool to do that. Anthony kept passing out candy and Amanda went to the library to research for a school project.

We were only a half hour late and still had alot fun. While we were out, we ran into Zach and his friend and parents. They asked it Zach could play at their house when they were done t-o-t. I said yes, because I love that little boy and his parents are so nice.

About a half hour later the phone rings and it's K's mom. She said Zach fell down and hit his head on the sidewalk. He got back and started playing again, but after a while he and K noticed their was alot of blood coming from Zach's head. So they brought Zach home. They felt so bad and even offered to take Zach to the emergency room for us. But I told them we would take care of it. Rich stayed with the kids and I took Zach. He ended up with three staples in the back of his head.

What a day!!

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