Saturday, March 01, 2008

Plastic wrap

I hate plastic wrap!! Well, sometimes I like it. When I get a new roll and it's still kept nice in the box. Where you can pull it out and just rip across the metal teeth.

I hate it with a passion, when after a while it starts to get all tangled up and then you can't get it off the roll right. And then you start ripping at it, pulling and twisting trying to get it to all come off together nice and neat like it did when you first bought it.

Then I hate it and want to just pitch it. But I don't. I keep it and drive myself mad trying to fix it. And it makes me really hate the stupid stuff!


~B. said...

Are you buying the name brand stuff? I mean...I realize that it's all evil...but some of it is a little less evil. You just have to pay for it. ;)

Susanne said...

I have had some world class battles with plastic wrap. I think it hates me.