Saturday, March 01, 2008

This can't be good

I should preface this, but that might just prove to be too embarrassing, especially after you hear this one.

I come home from work tonight. My mother's husband is up and wandering around, getting a drink and watching tv. When I first walk in the door, I notice on the steps in plain view something white. Upon further notice, it's underwear. MY UNDERWEAR (must have fallen out of the basket, when Sarah was taking the clean clothes upstairs). Now this might be different it if were someone else's, but nope it's mine. So I try to be discreet and scoop them up with my purse and coat and proceed to walk up the steps. Then I just plop all the items on the couch on top of a laundry basket of clothes.

Then after he and the kids go to sleep, I walk into the kitchen to try and clean up the mess. As I'm sweeping the floor, I see a tampon wrapper. I think Oh God, when Anthony emptied the bathroom trash, the wrapper must have blown off while he was walking to the kitchen. No big deal, but I'm feeling the heat. Red faced, I go about finishing the floor when what do my wondering eyes do I see, but a tampon applicator right on the floor. When Anthony emptied the trash some of it must have fallen on the floor. This all makes a pretty picture, doesn't it? Man, I hope nobody else was as observant as me.

Totally reminds of me of the time, when Amanda and Anthony were little. We had some guy come by and measure windows. We were getting replacement windows. Well, I didn't think anything of it, when I told the man what windows needed measured and pointed in the direction of the rooms. When he came out of the kids room, his face was alittle red and I thought he must be hot or something. After the man leaves, I walk down the hallway to the bathroom and just happen to look into the kids room. Oh, you can guess what I saw lying on the floor. It was a whole bag of maxi pads opened, with the tabs off the backs and sticking to the floor, the walls, the beds, dressers, etc. Then the tampons were hanging by the strings on the dresser knobs. What a sight! Funny thing, the kids were so proud of themselves and really got upset when I took it all down and yelled at them, LOL!

Talk about mortifying!!!


Susanne said...

Oh my goodness! I would have been purple with embarrassment. Something to look back on and laugh at?

~B. said...

OMG...I am LMAO, Charlene. So sorry, but that is just sooooo freakin' hilarious. I wish that you had a pic.

You will have some of the best stories to tell when the kids grow up...heck, you have the best stories to tell now!

~B. said...

Charlene...have they finally abducted you at the workplace? Have they said, "We can't let Charlene out of here ever again, let's just keep her."?

Missing you....