Thursday, April 02, 2009

Adventures at the Playground

I decided that since it was a rather nice day that I would take a walk. Taking a walk around here usually involves taking somebody with me, because in a house with six kids there is always somebody that wants to come too. Amanda, Sarah, Zachary, Nicholas and Nathan all went with me. We decided we would go to the playground and the Dairy Queen. Daddy gave each of the kids a dollar to spend. Everyone got a "baby" cone of ice cream (a really small serving of ice cream in a cone) and most of them got sprinkles on top. I got myself a small sundae. I couldn't finish eating it because it was too much ice cream for me so, I gave it to Nathan. I also took the ice cream out of his cone that was melting everywhere and put it in the cup with what was left of my ice cream.

And then.....

Some kid at the playground thought it would be fun to throw mulch at Nathan. The first time the kid did it, it didn't get very far. I told the boy that it wasn't very nice (let's face it, I probably would yell at my kids or smack their bottoms if they threw mulch at another kid). Then he picked up two more handfuls and threw it again. This time, it landed right in Nathan's ice cream cup. I was so mad. Nathan's ice cream was ruined and I had to throw it away. Nathan was so upset that his ice cream went into the garbage, I didn't think I would ever be able to calm him down long enough to play before it dark.

He forgot about it for a while, every once in a while he would remember and start crying again. Later when we got home, he really got upset over that darn ice cream. He screamed and cried over his ruined ice cream, I felt terrible about it. I'm so mad that the other kid did that to him. And what was worse was there wasn't a parent around when it happened. The boy was being watched by his older brother.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about Nathan's ice cream. Somepeople's kids! We were at the playground this weekend and there were 2 kids riding their bikes up & down the ramps across the playground equipment. There were little kids running around and when these 2 on the bikes would come down the ramps they'd be going so fast they'd almost run the little ones down.

CynthiaK said...

Oh, how frustrating! That kind of thing drives me crazy as a parent. Poor Nathan. In my dreams, I would have walked up to the kid and dumped the cup of ice cream and mulch on their head. ;)