Friday, April 03, 2009

Lots of Surprises

  • Last night while I was at work, Anthony and Zachary decided to play war with each other. Long story short, they were using Rubbermaid box lids as shields and throwing old broom handles at each other. Zachary got hit in the head with one of the sticks and ended up bleeding all over the place (they were outside when they did this). I got called at work and we all went to the emergency room. Zachary now has a nice goose egg on his head and four stitches. -- Boys will be boys, as they say.

  • This afternoon, the kids had a half day of school. While I was in the bathroom apparently one of the neighbor boys and a friend to Amanda and Anthony decided he would wait here to pick up his little brother. I didn't know this was the case, until I came out of the bathroom and the boy was sitting in the kitchen. Amanda let him in. I was really surprised to see him sitting at the desk on the computer. I'm really glad I didn't have anything personal on there at the time. The worse part was that I was still wearing my pajamas.

  • After the kids got home from school, I noticed that Nicholas was wearing different shoes. He wore boots to school. He's been wearing them for months, because he is too lazy to put on his sneakers. When I asked him where he got them from, he told me that his gym teacher gave them to him to wear (I'm assuming for gym class). I only hope that she didn't think he was wearing those boots because he has nothing else to wear. God, I only hope. The boy does have several pairs of shoes, but like I said he just doesn't want to look for them in the morning and tie the laces. The biggest surprise came when he took off the "new" shoes and he wasn't wearing any socks!! Not only is he too lazy to put his sneakers on, he was too lazy to put on his socks -I really hope he doesn't come home from school on Monday with a bag of new socks, Ahhh.

Why do kids continue to do things that are stupid and embarrasing to their parents?!


Anonymous said...

Because that's their job to embarrass their parents. But our day is coming, some day we'll be so embarrassing to them that they won't want anything to do with us. lol

~B. said... I see the story about the stitches. Kids!

Hey...I have an award for you...come see me! :)