Wednesday, December 15, 2010

because everyone needs to hear it now and then

Recently on facebook, people were asking friends to send them numbers and then they posted on their status things about them or how they knew them.  I participated in a few of these and got some sweet responses.  Isn't always great to hear something nice about yourself...or how you affected someone's life...or how much you mean to them when didn't even realize it.

It's like a nice little "pick me up" when you're feeling blue or down in the dumps.  It makes you feel like you have made a difference in someone's life, even if it's just something small.  Sometimes when we are blue or depressed we don't *see* ourselves as other's see us.  We feel disgusted with ourselves or think no one cares.  But when you hear from someone that you have made a difference or that they think you are special, it really makes your day.

So, I'm sharing the responses that I got from a few of my friends.  They really made my day, and you'll see why too when you read them.  As a mom, I often feel like I play second fiddle in my children's lives.  Friends or boy/girl  friends come first and moms and dads are some where, way down the list...know what I mean? My daughter and I are alike in a lot of ways and so we butt heads quite a bit and I often feel like I'm being a bad mom or something.  Reading her statement really meant alot to me and I wanted to keep it somewhere where I would see it and share it for all the other moms of teenagers, who think their kids don't know what all they do for them.  They do know it, they just don't always show's the knowing you could wrap up in a bow to make me feel like I've done my job well.  How about you?


So glad to have gotten to know you better through facebook. What an inspiration you are to me as a mom and wife. All the things you accomplish - it's something I aspire to! I also love reading your blog; you are a very talented writer!

You're absolutely gorgeoussss & you don't even know it.♥ I love you sooo much & I appreciate everything you do for me. You're the best mommy in the whole entire world & you make the absolute best sweets & dinners. All my friends are jealoussss & want mommies like mine. :) Hehe. I love you!! ♥ ♥
I love that you're not afraid to admit you're not the "perfect" mom, but you're a happy mom w/ a happy family. You inspire me to be more creative w/ my own kids and help me to remember to LOL if it doesn't go right ♥


I feel lucky to have such sweet friends.  And I feel honored to have a daughter who does actually appreciate me.  I never realized just how much - especially when we are bickering about dumb stuff all the time.  It just makes me wish we could share all these things with each other throughout the year and not just at holiday time.  We share how grateful and thankful we are at Thanksgiving and Christmas, why can't we do this all year.  Why does it take a holiday to make us appreciate each other.  Let's make it a habit to appreciate someone every single day and spread some cheer and joy throughout the'll never know how much that someone might just needed to hear it.


Eschelle Westwood Mumfection said...

super sweeties!!!

allison tait said...

You're right. We all need to hear the good stuff sometimes. :-)

Lisha @ DeLovely Life said...

Visiting from sits! That is so so true. It is always wonderful to feel appreciated. Mamas especially need that. :)