Thursday, December 09, 2010

I'm Telling Santa On You.....

We are still reading our Christmas books, but to be honest, I did skip a few days here and there...I was just too dang tired - yeah, yeah, yeah, bad mommy - sue me!

Santa came to our library for story hour this afternoon, Nathan was elated to say the least.  He was so excited on the way there that he wouldn't stop talking.  Which led to him and Nicholas bickering back and forth all the way.

Nathan: I'm telling Santa that you're a mean big brother, cause you won't help me.

Nicholas: I'm telling Santa that you're a bad boy cause you won't do anything by yourself.

Nathan: Well, I'm telling Santa not to get you any toys and bring them all to me.

Nicholas: Oh yeah well, I'm telling Santa not to give you any toys because you don't share.

And on and on and on......

Hey, even though I had to listen to least I wasn't going to be the one dealing with all that tattle telling Lol!

Nicholas didn't want to sit on Santa's lap, Santa had to talk him into it.  I think this might just be the last year of him believing in Santa (sniff sniff)

I want a Puppy Pillow Pet for Christmas, Santa!

What's your name little boy?


Nicholas?? HoHoHoHo....that's my name too! Did you know that?

After we took pictures, they had story time for Nathan's group.  They had a man playing a banjo and singing songs with the kids.  Nathan loves this kind of stuff.  He was jumping around and dancing...these are action shots and you can see if you look really closely that his feet aren't touching the ground, because he was jumping up and down.

After getting the kids all wound up, they had craft time.

Nathan made two.  a reindeer and a snowman.

We finished them at home, after his bath (hence the wild hair look).

We also read the book How Santa Got His Job by Stephen Krensky.  This was such a cute book, if your kids are still into Santa, you have to get this book. 

Santa needs a job and tries his hand at many different ones...a chimney sweep (but he never gets dirty, so no one thinks he is doing his job right)....a zoo keeper (his favorite animal is the reindeer, of course)...a mail carrier (but he hates traffic, so he likes to deliver the packages at night). He finally meets some elves who invite him to stay with them, so he packs up his reindeer and the rest is they say.  Awesome Book!


Empty Nester said...

What a fun time!

Emmy said...

How fun is that! Well besides the tattling, though that is pretty funny.

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

What a fun afternoon! I can so relate to it. From the boys bickering, to the Christmas book reading, to your oldest discovering about Santa. Double sniff. I don't think the parenting books tells us about how much of a shock (and hurt) that stage is for us moms.