Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sharing A Few Crafts...

Here's a few crafts we made over the last few days....  

Scrapbook Paper Hands Wreath

I traced Nathan's hands on several sheets of green paper and cut out some red "berries" using scrapbook paper. 

We glued the hands to a wreath shape, cut out of poster board

Then glued the berries to the hands

All we need now is a cute ribbon to hang it up

Recycled Card Ornaments

Here's an idea for all those cards from years past.

We used old recycled cards, scissors, pipe cleaners, paper fasteners and a hole punch.  You can use ribbon instead of the pipe cleaner if you want.

Cut the front pictured side of the card into strips

Then punch a hole on both ends of the strips

Next thread the cards onto a paper fastener (both sides)

Bend it inwards and start spreading the strips out like a fan (it makes a ball)

Take the pipe cleaner and loop it around the fastener forming a circle

These make cute little tree ornaments

Winter Wonderland Scene

Same idea as our fall scene, but using winter foam stickers.  I bought these foam stickers at Walmart.  They had Santa and Snowmen and I couldn't decide, so I bought both.  They come in a clear tree shaped box.

I glued several sheets of blue construction paper together and cut out snow using white paper and wavy scissors.  I also made a fireplace and fire with red, brown, yellow and orange construction paper

Nathan wasn't the only one having fun...Caught ya Sissy!

Someone else decided it looked like fun too....

We added some "falling" snow by using some white paint

We will be working on more fun stuff....stay tuned!


Unknown said...

These are soo adorable! Love your kid friendly creativity! Thanks for sharing as always!

Aimee said...

Super cute! I did a hand/foot reindeer and applied it to an apron for the DIL. I am thinking she might like a wreath too! :)

Gifts By Katherine said...

Wonderful post! Hopping over to leave a smile on your page. Happy Wednesday and Happy Holidays. Hugs, Katherine

Kyrstin said...

Great ideas - The wreath and ornaments are great and I love the winter/santa scene!!

Jackie Higgins said...

love the christmas card ornament. merry christmas!