Thursday, April 21, 2011

One of My Favorite Easter/Spring Crafts from Last Year ~ Hatching Chick

This is a fun little springish/Easter craft for kids, you can use construction paper if you want, but we used foam board, because it's more fun!

Take a piece of foam board (you can find it all over the place, but the Dollar Tree is the cheapest place to find it).  Cut it into an egg shape.  Next, cut the top of the egg off.  Then cut it to look like it "hatched". 
Make a bird shape, I just free handed this part, but you can probably use your child's foot to make the shape if you want. 

Glue on some googley eyes and cut out a beak and glue that on too.  Decorate the egg, we used foam stickers (but you can color it if you use paper). 

Next, glue the chicken to the back of the egg and use a brad fastener to attach the egg shells together. That's all there is to it.

that shirt doesn't fit him anymore - sniff sniff...


jfb57 said...

This is such a simple idea but it could be extended to all sorts of occasions! Great link! Many thanks!

Emmy said...

We def need to do some crafts before Easter. Very cute idea