Friday, April 08, 2011

Upcycled Lamp and Candlestick

A while ago, I saw this lamp at a thrift store.  It was brass and had a really, really ugly shade, but it worked when I plugged it in.  It was $3.99, so I bought it. 

I pitched the lamp shade
(ok, so it's really sitting in the trunk of my van, waiting to be pitched ha).

I cleaned her up and gave her a pretty coat of white paint

Bought a new lamp shade for $10

And here she is......All gussied up.

Not bad for 14 bucks, huh?

Oh, and that white candlestick with the red candle?

I bought that for 99 cents and painted her all pretty too.

Here she was before....

Nothing wrong with it the way it is.  I just wanted it white.


Emmy said...

You seriously are the queen of crafts for your home and your kids!
Great job!

Jackie said...

Very nice!

Sharde said...

ah, don't you love spray paint?!? I do. I wrote a post about spray painting shoes today! come visit!