Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Uncle Sam Wants YOU!

Made this cute little Uncle Sam craft with the boys for the 4th of July.

You will need red, white and blue construction paper.  A paper plate and flesh colored paint.  Wiggly eyes, a mouth, nose, cotton balls and glue.  White paint and a star shaped cookie cutter.

Paint the paper plate with flesh color paint

Cut out a hat form with the red paper.  Also cut white strips of paper and a small rectangle strip for the hat band and glue the hat together.

Using the star shaped cookie cutter, dip it in the white paint and stamp it on the blue rectangle.

Glue wiggle eyes, nose and mouth (we just used construction paper to make our faces, you could draw them, if you wanted to).

Glue the hat to the top of the plate and some cotton balls to the face for the hair and beard.

(Uncle Sam)

We also made the Stars & Stripes Windsocks again (a repeat craft from last year)

You will need blue construction paper, red and white crepe paper streamers, a star shaped cookie cutter, white paint and red yarn.

Using the white paint, stamp star shapes on the blue construction paper, put it aside til dry.

On the back side of the paper, glue several strips of red and white crepe paper streamers, we used two different lengths.

Run a strip of glue on one side of the paper and press the seams together.

You could also tape it to ensure that it sticks properly.

Using a hole punch, punch two holes at the top and tie on the yarn.

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