Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Moms That Blog (The Interviews)

Hello ALL!!!

My name is Michelle

and I blog at Delicate Construction!

I am so excited to be here and be a part of the Mom's that Blog here at Adventures in Mommy Land!

Let's get this party started!

*Tell us 3 fun facts about yourself

Hmmmmm, I LOVE to throw a party, the planning, invitations, crafting, setup, all of it- but at some point throughout the process I always think about canceling... every time. I feel like it is just part of the process now LOL. I made the invitations and helped plan both my bridal and baby showers as well as my wedding. I made my own centerpieces and even had to be pulled away from the buffet for trying to refill it in my wedding dress.

I am a semi extreme couponer- not the buy 203,489 bottles of mustard couponer but I buy at least 4 papers every week (more on a good week) and will store hop for a good deal. I have even thought about taking a vacation to an area with stores that double coupons just for the deals.

I am a compulsive volunteer. It isn't even that I can't say no, but I go one step further and suggest ideas that weren't there before and then offer to do them. I can't help it, but then I can usually blog about it so it is all good. :)

*Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a 26 (soon to be 27- don't know when that happened) wife to a hottie of a hubby, mommy to a feisty, red headed princess and a full time caregiver to an awesome young gentlemen with Autism who lives with us here in San Diego, California. I am a stay at home mommy for the most part but I also teach an 18 month old class part time, which is great because every day is bring you daughter to work day!

*When did you first start blogging:

I first started blogging waaaaay back in the beginning of 2008 and really it was just like a journaling thing. I hadn't discovered any other blogs, the idea of comments and following- none of it. Then when I did it was like I saw the light. I became interested in sharing my creative ideas, which then bred more creative ideas which became more posts and so on. I also loved being a part of a community and talking with ladies that embraced the dollar store, Goodwill, upcycling, being frugal and made it popular not something to be ashamed of or hide. We are ladies with families and tight budgets and that is ok because the least money spent makes your project that much better, as opposed to the other way around.

*What is your blog about?

 I have what I like to think of as a "mom" blog, I try to include all the things I would want in a parenting magazine. Ideas for mom to be creative, decorate and craft but also things for the kids to do as well as helpful tips and tricks. I have a kids Made By Little Hands linky party on Monday's, an all inclusive Delicately Constructed Friday linky part for crafts, recipes, diy, etc. that runs through the weekend. Also, I do a weekly 10 New Uses Tuesday where I take a common item and find 10 new ways to use it and focus on a different item each week.


*Why do you blog?

I blog has a hobby, I love sharing and swapping ideas with other. Also I feel like blogging encourages me to think outside the box, problem solve and be more creative. When I throw a party, yeah it would be easier to just spend the money and buy handled bags- but making them for a fraction of the cost and then sharing a tutorial for others who would like to know and save the money is a much more attractive concept for me. 

*Must read blogs that you visit daily

These are some of my favorite blogs! You should go check these ladies out!!


A girl and a glue gun

*What inspires you?

Everything. I have one of those minds that sees something and wants to know how it works or how it was made. I am constantly deconstructing things around me and thinking how I could make it with what I have or inexpensive materials. Some of my favorite projects came from my husband saying "bet you can't make something out of _____" ... and I did. 

*Do you have a bucket list - name a few things on it?

I don't have an actual list but there are a few things I would love to do at some point in my life.  I have always thought a family road trip would be an amazing memory. I would LOVE to write a couple of books- one for kids art activities and one for crafts for adults. I have a serious interest in event planning and decor and would love to explore that and of course, guest post on Tatertots and Jello.

*Do you have any blogging advice that you would like to share? 

Comment, comment, comment. We all love a comments. Also, always leave a comment when you start following someone- whenever I get a comment saying someone is a new follower I try to follow back. Lastly, be yourself- I love reading blogs from people who are real; they use slang, write like they talk, don't act like their house is Better Homes and Gardens perfect 24/7 and share the occasional fail. 

Thanks so much Charlene for having me on today and I hope to see you all around Delicate Construction soon- remember, if you follow me let me know! :)


Lindsay said...

I simply adore Michelle, so yes I really enjoyed this interview! She is one of the most creative gals that I know--her '10 new uses' posts are pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Rose Clearfield said...

Awesome interview with Michelle! I always enjoy learning more about the bloggers that I follow. I love her weekly features.

Blissful & Domestic said...

Great interview Michelle. you rock!

Jill said...

GREAT interview! So nice to learn more about you Michelle - I love your outlook and philosophy on life!

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

LOVE AND HUGS LADIES!!! Thank you!!!