Wednesday, August 15, 2012

life or something like it

School is going to start soon....Horray!!

I'm ready to reclaim my house.

Did I mention that I will be a student this year as well?
I'm going to college....I'm nervous as all get out, even though I'm only taking a few classes.  It's not that I don't think that I can do's just that with all I do around the house and with the kids, I'm wondering how it will all work out.  I'm guessing about the same as when I was working part time.  Only this time I have to find every opportunity that I can to study and let's face it, this house is prettttty noisy, so I'm not sure how that will pan out.  We shall see....

Nathan learned how to ride his bike without training wheels.

He was so proud of himself.  The funny thing was Rich adjusted his training wheels one day when Nathan wasn't looking and they weren't even touching the ground when he was riding.  But they gave him support and helped him balance when his bike was stopped.

Well, one day last week, Rich took the wheels off and Nathan was upset because he thought he couldn't ride his bike anymore.

Then, he went out to play one afternoon and after about 20 minutes he came inside with this huge smile on his face and exclaimed that he could now ride his bike.

I absolutely love it when they learn something new and how totally excited they get when they do it.

I can't keep these three out of the little pool we got Nathan for his birthday.

swim, swim, swim...all day, every day.  they love it!

We've had some freak that blew the roof off their play fort.
Seriously just put this on and within two weeks it was blown off.

Yep, still on Nutrisystem ... :)

Been making lots of these to sell in my etsy shop....


Made one for Sarah to take to volleyball tryouts too...

Poor Amanda tripped and fell and busted her head open, had to get stitches.  So I made her this treat to cheer her up.  And Nathan made her a get well soon card too.  We are probably going to visit her later today at her apartment.

Kinda sad that summer is almost over...
I love when school starts, but I also love summer and the sun, it never seems to last long enough, does it?

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