Friday, August 24, 2012

My 17th week on Nutrisystem

Today wraps up my 17th week on Nutrisystem.
I have been under so much stress lately with school starting not only for the kids, but for myself.  I have been freaking out.  What's funny is....I'm not really all that nervous about the academic part of going back to school - I'm more nervous about making sure I get to the right class on time, whether I have the right books or enough tablets and highlighters, where to park, and what I'm going to do for the hour or so I have between classes.....isn't that weird?  But I have been a huge bundle of nerves...why, I have no idea, I guess I wouldn't be me if I didn't have something to worry about.
My point in telling you all this, is that all that stress that I have needlessly been putting myself through means that I am not losing any weight.  I haven't gained anything at least I'm maintaining the weight that I lost already, but I need to de-stress and stop worrying so much so that I can start losing again.
I still get asked all time about the food, whether I think it's good or not.....hey listen, we ALL have different tastes in food.  What one person will love, another might not.  I personally don't like seafood, but Rich loves it.  I might recommend a food that I love that you think tastes nasty (and that can be from a restaurant, not necessarily Nutrisystem).  I can recommend foods that I like and I can tell you how much I love it and someone else might tell you that it's nasty and they didn't like it.....why let someone else's opinion hold you back from trying it.  What can it hurt to at least try something different....Obviously, if you are even considering going on Nutrisystem or any diet for that matter, than what you've been doing isn't working, right?
Here's a look at some of my favorite dinners....
I have always been a fan of pizza....I love it.  The most shocking part of this diet was the portion control.  I would have easily eaten 2 or 3 of these pizzas in the past....what's funny is this little pizza by Nutrisystem fits the size of a small plate.  I always cut mine up in fourths and top it with turkey pepperoni and green peppers.  Cutting it up in smaller pieces and eating it on a small plate, tricks me into thinking I'm eating alot.
My family loves chicken and biscuits...we eat it at least once a month.  I like this version, it's healthier.  I like mashed potatoes, which don't come with this dinner, but I don't even realize they are missing, because I eat a slice of whole grain/wheat bread with it instead.
This is a dinner that I normally (or used to) would have turned my nose up to.  I'm not a big meat eater and I really didn't like sweet potatoes much before.  But this version of pork is delicious.  It is called Adobo Rubbed Pork.  It is a wee bit spicy to me and I'm not really a fan of spicy food, but I actually love this.  I can't say which I like more..the pork or the sweet potatoes.
This ravioli is super yummy.  It tastes similar to frozen ravioli (you know that kind that comes in a bag that you boil and then add sauce to it).  I love Italian food - lasagna, spaghetti, mancotti and ravioli :-)   So, of course, I would love this too.
Next week, I'm hoping to totally rock with some weight loss...keep those fingers crossed for me!
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My Stats
  • 4/27/12 - 180 (starting weight)
  • 5/04/12 - 175 (week one)
  • 5/11/12 - 174 (week two)
  • 5/18/12 - 172 (week three)
  • 5/25/12 - 170 (week four)
  • 6/01/12 - 169 (week five)
  • 6/08/12 - 169 (week six)
  • 6/15/12 - 168 (week seven)
  • 6/22/12 - 166 (week eight)
  • 6/29/12 - 166 (week nine)
  • 7/06/12 - 166 (week ten)
  • 7/13/12 - 164 (week eleven)
  • 7/20/12 - 164 (week twelve)
  • 7/27/12 - 165 (week thirteen)
  • 8/03/12 - 163 (week fourteen)
  • 8/10/12 - 160 (week fifteen)
  • 8/17/12 - 160 (week sixteen)
  • 8/24/12 - 160 (week seventeen)

    *Disclosure ~ I am receiving access to the website and food in exchange for reviewing the diet plan. All opinions herein are my own and were not influenced by Nutrisystem.

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    Emmy said...

    I still have dreams that I totally forget about a class and then can't remember what class I was supposed to go to next and so just end up late and missing lots of classes. I never did that in real life, but I still have dreams like that.

    I am sure you will do great in school. And good for you for losing 20 lbs- I have no doubt you can get back on track with your weight loss