Monday, October 15, 2012

That time of year...

When do you order your Christmas Cards?
Do you wait until Thanksgiving?
Do you plan outlandish photo shoots, perfect snowy shots of your family?
Or, do you just choose from random pics of photos you had taken through out the year?
Even after all these years, I still have no plan in order to tackle those holiday cards.
Some times, I wait until the last minute.
Other times, I feel like I'm ahead of my game.
One year, I take pics and send with the cards.
The next I just send store bought box cards.
I am of the theory of whatever works best at the time.
Although, this year I am determined to plan ahead.
I know now that I am in school that I will be busy studying for finals when December rolls around and the last thing on my mind will be choosing which card and what picture to use.

That's why I'm shopping at Tiny Prints.

Tiny Prints has such a huge selection.
The only problem with using Tiny Prints is deciding which card to choose.

Just pick a card, personalize what you want it to say, upload a pic and they do the rest...
except mail it of course.

and hopefully you won't do what I did a few years ago, which was address them all and put them in a place I just knew I would remember and then forgot to mail them anyway.

So, do yourself a favor this year and go to Tiny Prints for all your holiday card needs, be sure to check out their special offers page for coupon codes and promotions.

And as always you can see more great deals by following Tiny Prints on facebook, twitter, pinterest and/or google+

Now, I have at least one less thing to do on my holiday list.

If only everything in life could be this easy!

*Disclosure, I will be receiving holiday cards from Tiny Prints in exchange for promoting their site.  My opinions here in are my own and not influenced by Tiny Prints.


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Emmy said...

How did you get the deal with tiny prints? Some sights there have been blogger sign ups. thanks!