Wednesday, October 10, 2012

trippin' down the old memory lane....

Life's little reminders...

You know those familiar smells or sounds that bring a memory to the surface.   For me, the sight of poison oak always triggers the memory of the summer my best friend and I were playing carnival and picking up leaves to use as tickets for the "rides".  The next morning we both woke up covered head to toe in poison oak.   I will always treasure that memory in my mind, just because we had such fun when we were growing up.  Even now as an adult, it's those little things that trigger memories of my childhood, those carefree days...when time seemed to go on forever. 

Each morning as I sit in my English comp class at school there is a train that runs past the campus and blows it's whistle.  Every time I hear that train whistle it takes me back to summers spent with my grandmother.  There was a train that went past her house every morning and it would blow its whistle as it passed.

(this unforunately, is the only pic I have of my grandmother, that's me on the right with my twin)

I will always cherish those visits with my grandmother.  It was our time.  Being a kid with two brothers and a sister, getting a chance to spend a week alone with just my grandmother was a treat to be sure.  I remember the way her car smelled and how she would always keep a pack of gum in her purse.  To this day, when I smell that gum, I remember sitting next to her in the car.

Just as looking at spearmint gummy candies reminds me of the ones my grandfather kept in the bottom drawer of the fridge.  I would always sneak a few each time I visited.  I'm sure he knew, but he never said a thing.

One of my favorite places to play, while I was there was on her front porch.  She had an old porch swing that squeaked each time it swung back and forth.  It was a quiet place that I would play with my Barbies or read books.  She had old white wicker furniture on that porch and now anytime I see old white and worn down wicker, my mind goes back to those warm summer days spent on her porch, stretched out on that old squeaky swing reading a book.

Don't you just love the way our minds work?

I hope I can always remember those precious days gone by.  My greatest fear would be forgetting my carefree childhood days.


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