Sunday, February 10, 2013


all you really need in life is determination

good things come to those who work their asses off and never give up....
these are words that I never paid much attention to before.
I always gave up....always.
then I started to realize that life doesn't and shouldn't come easy...if you really want something in life, you have to work for it
 and when you work really hard...I mean, give it your all...
 it's totally worth it.
a year ago, I would never have considered giving Nathan a piggy back ride.
with my health problems and asthma, I would have thought about asking him for a ride before I offered one.
now, I not only offer him a simple ride for fun...but I occasionally throw him on my back for the exercise - oh yes, I do.  he just happens to weigh almost as much as I've lost so far....doing this really helps put things into perspective.
of just how far I've come

my kids have always thought I was a fun mom.  even though I tired easily, I tried to keep up.  I played with them and colored with them, I walked with them, I took them to the playground, I baked treats, did art projects, supported them, etc.
but now...
I'm so much more.
I don't just go to the playground and sit on the bench watching the clock or reading a book.
I chase them, I swing with them, I go down the slide.
sometimes I think they get tired before I do now.
we have dance parties and dance offs in the living room
we race while we run during exercise
I may not be winning (yet - anyway), but they have so much fun seeing me coming after them.
and they know that I am coming.
I don't throw in the towel and quit anymore.
I don't give up.
in the past, if I was facing a huge amount of stairs, I'd say point me to the nearest elevator.
now I run stairs for fun.
who would've thought that.
when I first decided to go back to school, I was scared witless.
it took years for Rich to convince me that I was smart enough.
now that I'm in school, I think what the hell took me so long.
I spent years thinking I wasn't...
smart enough
good enough
but, you know what....I am!
I can do anything when I put my mind to it.
believe you can achieve...and through a little hard work and determination
you can
the support and encouragement my family gives me is amazing.
they see things in me that I don't.
they are my biggest cheerleaders.
they run beside me, they hold my hand, they pick me up (quite literally)
they make my life brighter.
these two girls of mine....make me so proud to call them my daughters.
I get asked all the time, if they are jealous of me losing weight.
the girls say jealous of what?
she's our mom, not only do we love her, we are damn proud of her.
do they get upset that I weigh less then them, or almost the same as them
for them, I think it comes down to me being happy and healthy.  which makes them happy too.
I may just be ---- actually I know I am
the luckiest and most blessed woman on the planet.

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determination is key, absolutely.

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