Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Apron Love

Do you love aprons?
I do
I have no idea why wearing an apron is so inspiring to me.
It's like when I am baking or cooking and I throw on my favorite apron, I feel like I am wearing a cape and using my 'super' powers or something.
There's just something special about wearing one that makes you feel domestic and all I'm the best mommy ever feeling that overcomes you when you tie one on.

I have found that I enjoy sewing them almost as much as I do wearing them.

all the fun colors and designs
Sewing is just another form of creativity for me and I totally love it.



My favorite thing though, I think, is making aprons for kids....and it seems to be my best seller.
I have made so many for friends and family and sold just as many in my shop as I have in person.

These aprons were custom made, but I have many in my shop to choose from.

"I got one of Charlene's aprons for myself a couple of years ago, and it is so pretty...and so much fun to wear. It's functional and easy to wash...and the ruffles and beautiful fabrics are the icing on the cake.
I could hardly wait for my little girls to be old enough to have their own aprons from Charlene. I worked with her to choose coordinating fabric, and she came up with the idea of trimming the aprons the same makes for such an adorable pair!"   Mandy (of Twin Trials and Triumphs)

I have to say this as aprons are mostly original pieces....meaning I usually buy enough fabric to make one or two (possibly three) aprons and that's it.   So my customers know that they are pretty much the only (well, there may be one other person) one with that apron.

The only exception is specific fabrics for sports teams or if someone actually orders duplicates of something.  I have done a lot of custom aprons...meaning a customer requests a certain fabric or 'my daughter loves the color purple'....or 'she adores rainbows'...etc.

I, then, look at different websites for fabrics and email them some choices that I think they would like and we go from there.  Sometimes a customer leaves it up to my discretion and only gives me a color or pattern...say 'anything with cupcakes will do' or 'anything yellow', which is always fun too.

I'm planning on adding other fun things to my shop at some tote bags, trick or treat bags for Halloween, buntings and more.  But I think my favorite will always be the aprons....

If you are interested, please take a look at my etsy shop.
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