Tuesday, March 05, 2013

catching up...

feeling like i'm so far behind...
c'mon seriously guys, i'm trying to study here.
the other day we had a friend hack down a big shrub out front, that coco kept getting tangled in
made for a great opportunity to make some s'mores, even though it was cold outside

down side....that shrub had some major poison ivy/oak in it and even though I was inside the whole time, I still got poison everywhere....lovely fat lip there, eh?
and 3 weeks of prednisone for me - yikes!
.....and yet, more homework
zach was one of nick's basketball coaches this year.
they won all but 2 games.
this kid is home more than at her own place...and yet, they still miss her all.the.time.

yay for new clothes in smaller sizes.



i will try to stick around more...it's just hard with homework and you know....being a mom of 6 with such a busy life ;)

i know most of you follow the weight loss posts or the kids linky...but alot of you stick around for the family pics and stories, which i realize have been severely lacking lately.  i will do my best to post more often.  as always thanks for sticking around!


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Jolene said...

Charlene, you are doing a great job! Yes, very busy life but I think everyone understands. Keep going and yeah for you for buying new clothing in a smaller sizes. Woo Hoo.