Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Soo's Boo Boos

Soo has ten boo boos and she counts them with sweet sing-songy rhythm.
"8 is a mosquito bite. I got in the yard last night. 
I pinched my finger in the door,
that's number 9 and here's one more!
10 - a scratch about to bleed. 
Some boo-boo help is what I need."
As Soo counts and shows off her boo boos, which includes scratched arms, scabby knees, itchy bites, and pinched fingers...
...her mother problem solves ways to make Soo's boo boos all better - such as kisses, ice, band aids and popsicles.
"Mom smiled at Soo. 'Just count on me.
Your boo-boos are my specialty.
This will fix that scratch, I think,
what color do you want-hot pink?
Does 10 feel better? It looks nice!
For 9, your finger, we'll rub ice.'"
We completely adore this book, written by Tilda Balsley.  The beautiful illustrations by Shelagh McNicholas only adds to the story.  And Soo is so cute, you'll want to kiss those sweet cheeks too.
Soo's Boo Boos is sure to be a family favorite!
Want a chance to win your own copy of Soo's Boo Boos?
Visit Tiger Tales on facebook or their blog
Also be sure to check out Tilda's blog on Tiger Tales for her story behind the book.
All you have to do is leave a comment either on their blog or facebook page sharing how you "cure" your children's boo boos/
Contest ends May 1 and the winner will be announced on May 2! Good luck!
*Disclosure: I received a copy of Soo's Boo Boos to review.  All opinions herein are my own and were not influenced in any way.

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