Tuesday, June 18, 2013


we haven't seen any fireflies yet...but i'm sure they will show up soon.
catching fireflies is quintessential summertime fun.
the boys made their very own fireflies today.
for this craft you will need the following:
a 20 oz green plastic soda bottle, empty and clean, label removed.
one glow stick
three green pipe cleaners (for the legs)
one silver or gold pipe cleaner (for the antennae)
yellow paint for the eyes
black and yellow construction paper
black paint
first paint the lid black
next take the green pipe cleaners and wrap them around the pop bottle and tie them for the legs
then cut the yellow sheet of paper down to size, covering the top part of the 'body' leaving the legs exposed.
cut wings using the black construction paper and glue those on top of the yellow paper
next wrap the gold or silver pipe cleaner around the neck of the bottle to make antennae
break the glow stick so that it glows and stick it inside the bottle
screw the lid on the bottle and paint eyes using the yellow paint (we used neon yellow)
then check out your handy work by going into a dark room
fun fun fun!!!
we were inspired by the book
the very lonely firefly by eric carle
the boys also painted some fireflies
neither one of them can wait for tomorrow's project....they both asked if they could do more than one bug a day...I think I would call that a successful day, wouldn't you?



a49erfangirl said...

What a neat craft idea for a firefly. We haven't seen many fire flies around here. In fact we barely see them anymore. I remember as a kid we use to see a TON of them.

Charlene Juliani said...

thanks! yeah, I remember there seemed to be a lot back when I was a kid too. It's funny how we think or see things differently when we are adults. Like the other day, my boys were playing outside in the rain and I thought to myself why the heck do they think that's fun, cause I hate the rain and being wet. But I do remember playing in the rain when I was a child and thinking it was the greatest thing.