Friday, March 14, 2014

~ Bella Enchanted ~

Sometimes the best inventions in life are just happy accidents....

just ask my good friend helene and her daughter bella of

Bella Enchanted

Helene was just in the kitchen one day making herself a smoothie when she accidentally got some organic coconut oil on her fingers.  She thought it smelled pretty good, so she figured why not rub in it and smell a little 'beachy' all day.

A few hours later, she realized how smooth and soft the oil had made her normally dry skin.  She decided to do some research in order to make her own body scrub and lotion using all natural ingredients.  Products that would be great for dry, sensitive skin.  Her daughter Bella suggested adding scents for fun.  Upon more research, Helene looked into essential oils, that not only smelled great, but had health benefits as well.

Next thing you know, Helene and Bella are mixing up all kinds of fun, yummy smelling concoctions in their kitchen for all their friends to try.  One of those friends suggested that they should sell their potions....and BAM...

Bella Enchanted was born!

now, not only does helene and bella make and sell body scrubs, lotions, and butters, but they added a new line of  baby balm for little bums, called Sweet Baby Cheeks, an all natural, 100% organic ointment for little ones bums, great for cloth diaper babies.

they also created an all natural eyelash conditioner as well as a healing salve for burns, scratches, minor cuts and insect bites.

there are several scents of butters and scrubs available, such as;

cool cucumber melon
chocolate mint
coconut lime breeze
joyful jasmine
peppermint patty
radiant sunshine
and more

sounds absolutely amazing, doesn't it?

I had the opportunity to review the lusicious lavendar scented body butter and I can tell you that not only has my skin been so smooth and silky, but it smells wonderful.

I love, love love it....

and I know that you will too.

fyi, a little goes a long only need a small amount and your skin will feel so amazing.  My husband loves how soft and smooth my skin feels since I started using Bella Enchanted Body Butter.

with awesome scents, beautiful soft skin, affordable prices, what are you waiting for???

Bella Enchanted can be found on Etsy.

You can read reviews and stay up to date on their new scents and upcoming products on their facebook page as well.

*Disclosure ~ I received a jar of Bella Enchanted Body Butter for review purposes only.  The opinions herein are my own and were not influenced by Bella Enchanted in anyway.

**Photos courtesy of Bella Enchanted


Helene said...

Bella and I are so happy that you are enjoying our products!!!! Thanks Charlene!!!!!

Charlene Juliani said...

You are so Welcome!!