Saturday, March 08, 2014

Catching Up and Sharing a Few Quick Crafts

There are so many things going on my life right now.
I wish I could share them all with you,
but some things have to remain a secret for at least a little while longer,
(but boy are they worth it - just you wait and see) ;)

One super exciting thing is the fact that I made the Dean's List!!
Super WOW!!

Words can not describe how tremendously proud of myself that I am.

One of the things I love about this whole experience is the fact that I get to go out to schools and experience how life in a classroom really works.  Last semester I worked with an awesome third grade teacher.  She taught me a lot about how to lesson plan, how to manage a classroom and even shared some fun science and math projects with me that I came home and did with my boys.  She was always so open about her thoughts and always sharing her expertise.  It was a great experience.

This semester I am observing a preschool classroom.   Again, my mentor teacher is absolutely wonderful, she's a mother of 7 children and has several grandchildren...the students love her.  She is always sharing her expertise with me as well (including how she went back to school when her children were little too, so she knows full well how hard this can be).  I have been blessed to have such great placements.  This semester really brings home the fact that I love working with the little ones the most.

Ahhhh, I could talk your ear off about all this.
At any are a few things that I had to make for some of my classes's fun when you can make art projects for college class haha.

the first two pics are for a lesson plan I had to create for a class on teaching math and science to preschoolers.  My lesson plan was about teaching the life cycle of frogs for science class.  We had to write up a lesson plan and then present this to the class.  We did one for math as well.  We have two more to do - presenting actual lessons to our observation class...wee what fun that will be.

this is an up close pic of the little models of the life cycle.

this rainbow craft was for my teaching emergent literacy class.  our professor had us make a spring 3D art project for preschoolers.  here's mine, a rainbow made with torn paper scraps, a super huge sun, cotton ball clouds and raindrops hanging down.

btw....this rainbow craft earned me a whopping 100%! 

didn't get my grade back on the science lesson plan yet, since I just presented it on Friday.  fingers crossed ;)

I have a few St Paddy's Day crafts coming soon that Nathan and I are working on.

Oh and did I mention that a certain daughter of mine just turned 21?!?
Or the fact that she got into pharmacy school...her first choice of college chose her, she actually applied to a few of them and they all wanted her in their program.

or the fact that this guy turned 20....

thank goodness for his super sweet girlfriend who made sure that he got to celebrate the day with his buddies (and her of course), since I was dying from the plague of stomach flu....

like I said, there are so many more fun and exciting things happening around here that I cannot wait to share....but they will be worth the wait, I promise!

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