Friday, October 24, 2014

no slowing down.....

my life has been on full spin cycle for months.
no wonder i've been so stressed out.

first, rich got hurt and needed another back surgery...then, whitney moved in
and she came with her own set of issues
which we worked through and she is in a much, much better place now.
and then i started a new job (while still in school).

yep, this momma right a working girl again.
it's just part time as a substitute teaching assistant, but
it has been so much fun...i really love it.

not only do i get to hang out with my favorite kind of people


but i get paid to play all day ha!
who wouldn't love that kind of job?!

seriously, though it's a perfect job for me.
i get paid experience - which will come in handy when i finish my degree
i get my foot in the door with a great community company
i get to network and meet tons of interesting people
i get tons of ideas from crafty, loving, trained professionals in my chosen field
i get lots of little people hugs and so much more.
there are so many benefits to this job, it's crazy how it fits perfectly into my life.

nothing makes my day brighter than walking into a room and having 20 or so little faces smiling and screaming....yay -  ms charlene is here!!!

i seriously do love it.

i often have to pinch myself to remember that its not just a dream
this is my reality now.

it's funny how when you find the right fit for your life how everything just seems to 'feel' better.
i don't think i've ever been happier with my career choice.
i love being a mom and i love 'staying' home and being here for my kids whenever they need me
i love being a wife and caring for my husband.
but i also love this opportunity...and i know that this is my 'calling' in life.

i have always loved children
(gee, who would have guessed being a mom of 6, right?)
i'm so glad God was able to finally get his message across
and that i finally listened.

life is so full of adventure and fun
and i'm glad that i can enjoy it.

my whole point in sharing this is
i'm busy,
but i still love creating and sharing
and while my blog has been hit or miss lately
(okay --- really miss lately!)
i'm still around and i will share when i get time
and i truly appreciate all of you who are hanging out with me

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