Saturday, October 18, 2014

weight loss redux

here's my little confession....
not that it's any big deal, because i am human, after all,
but i am back on my diet (yep, nutrisystem) - only this time i'm not endorsing it.
i'm just doing it on my own.

i went back and forth on whether i wanted to share this publicly.
not that it's any big deal or secret, but i did gain a little bit of the weight back
after i went off the diet...not much, just 10 pounds {gasp!}
like i said that's not much in the grand scheme of things.

problem wasn't with the diet or really anything that i did wrong.
it's just that i was under a great deal of stress and my body decided
it didn't want to play along.
i'm human, like i said
i think it happens to the best of us

i wasn't going to say anything publicly about it, because i was embarrassed
that i gained some of the weight back,
but like i said its not like the diet failed me,
or anything i did wrong, my body just had enough of the stress.

the more i thought about not sharing, the more i knew that i had too.
not just for me (needing some accountability)
but for those that struggle with their weight.
it's a lifelong battle for some of us, unfortunately.

some of us are blessed with good genes and some of us...
eh, not so much.

while undergoing all the pressure i was going through
with school, my husband re-injuring himself, my kids, my life,
and about a dozen other things, i ended up having a lot of anxiety and chest pain.
even ended up in the er one night...i thought i was having a heart attack

turns out, it was what they call costochondritis, which is just a fancy name
for we can't find anything wrong with you, so we will make up a new name for
this unsolved mystery.  i underwent a battery of tests...
ekg, stress test, ct scan, blood work, chest xrays, etc.
they couldn't find a damn thing wrong with my heart.

not that, that's a bad thing, right?

all that anxiety and stress just added to my misery and pain, and weight gain.
you know those commercials about stress and belly, yep, it's true.
most of the weight that i gained was all in the belly area.

but not to fear, i am back on my diet...and i'm back to walking...i'm on anti anxiety meds
and life is slowly getting back to normal - whatever that may be.

like i said, i am writing this post to hold myself accountable (publicly)
and to tell folks that crap happens....and you can either just let it keep happening
or you can get up and fight.
i'm choosing to fight.  i will conquer this weight and when i'm through
i'm going to walk away like a boss!

feel free to join me - follow me - share your stories with me, etc.
we can do this - together.
i got your back!

in the meantime,
lace up those walking shoes,
drink some water
remember, life is a journey
and there are lots of bumps along the way.
so, hang on tight and enjoy the ride.

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