Saturday, December 06, 2014

Christmas Elf Craft

nathan's christmas elf
made with scrapbook paper
you will need
several different sheets of christmas scrapbook paper
 one paper plate
pink or flesh colored paint
two wiggly eyes
one button
one pom pom
red yarn
scrap ribbon

we used a square for the body
and painted a paper plate for the face
we cut the inner circle of the plate for the face
and used the edges of the plate to cut out pointy ears
then, we used a sheet of scrapbook paper to make a hat
and a fun elf collar
we also cut two long strips of each paper
for the arms and the legs

we folded the arms and legs in a zigzag pattern

we painted the plate pink
and glued on the ears, the eyes, a button for the nose,
and some yarn for the mouth

then we glued all the pieces together

we added a pompom and a cute festive ribbon to the hat

and another small rectangle to the square as a belt

it came out super cute!!!

see, i just knew hoarding all that old christmas and holiday
scrapbook paper would pay off eventually - hehehe!

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