Sunday, December 21, 2014

One Special Christmas - Book Review & Craft

One Special Christmas was written by M. Christina Butler and illustrated by Tina Macnaughton.

This sweet book is a touch and feel book.  The red hat and thread feel like velvet.

When Santa gets sick on Christmas Eve, little Hedgehog is asked to help deliver the presents.
Little Hedgehog dons his red toboggan and sets off to help...
along the way, the sled crashes and Hedgehog loses all the presents.

With the help of his friends, he uses his little red hat as a bag to help gather up all the presents.
Once the friends and bag of gifts are back in the sled, they set off on an adventure.
The hat catches on a branch and it starts to unravel.

As the hat unravels, the presents start to fall out of the bag.

Luckily, their good friend Badger gathers the gifts with the help of the red string.

All the presents get delivered just in time for Christmas.

Little Hedgehog was happy to help Santa, but also sad that his new hat was ruined.

But, his little furry friends weren't the only ones who got a special gift that night....
Hedgehog did too...

a brand new red toboggan from Santa.

For this little craft you will need:
a toboggan/hat template
construction paper
red yarn

glue the template to a sheet of construction paper

Spread glue all over the template and glue the yarn to the hat 

easy and super cute craft to go along with the equally cute holiday book.

*Disclosure: I was given the book One Special Christmas for review purposes only.  The opinions and craft are my own and were not influenced by Tiger Tales.

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