Thursday, May 07, 2015

did ya miss me?

i'm back.....

i'm finally done with the semester.
most of it was fun, but it was
long and a lot of work.

i had to write numerous lesson plans,
raise a virtual child (for my psych class),
write papers - tons and tons of papers,
do field work (which means going to
elementary schools and working with children),
and so much more.

it kept me quite busy.

and if that wasn't enough...i still worked as a sub
with head start and pre - k counts.

and run my kids here, there, and everywhere

there were days when i felt like i never sat down.
i think i read so much that my eyes would pop out of my head.

but you know much as i love complaining
and being overly dramatic -
i truly did love it all.

it wasn't easy, but it's been worth it.

and here's little look of what we've been up to....

i was awarded as a presidential scholar for my academic success
see all that hard work did pay off - hehehe. 

my motley crew....who cheered for me - literally - as i walked across the stage
to accept my award.

"go mommy!"

then it was zach and sarah's turn to shine....
they were inducted into the national honor society.

proud momma moment

not to be left out...
nicholas and nathan both won first place trophies for playing darts.

me teaching first times!

nathan started playing baseball again.

oh yeah, i almost forgot....
i turned 43 {gulp}

 the hubs bought me these beauties

and these too.

i think nathan pretty much sums it all up.

until next time!

* can keep up with my family via instagram  @charlenejuliani

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