Thursday, May 28, 2015

hand print tree for teacher appreciation week

another fun thing that my co-teacher and i did this semester
was work with the students to create a really awesome surprise for their teacher.

while their teacher was on vacation, my co-teacher and i planned to help the students
surprise their teacher during teacher appreciation week.

the students had a blast with this little project.
and it was so much fun for us as well.

we made a hand print tree and then added some super fun
and cute extra details that really made this project awesome.

i took used brown paper from a roll and painted a tree without leaves

then i added some green paint for grass and painted the words
"thank you miss sheets for helping us grow!"

i brought some paints and paint brushes from home
and had the students paint their hands and place them on the tree
(for the leaves).

we also had the kids sign their names by their hand prints.
my co teacher and i also put our hand prints on there (because, 
the teacher taught us a lot this semester and was such a wonderful mentor teacher to us -
we said she helped us grow too).

then we made flower petals and asked the students to write
one thing that they loved about miss sheets.

their answers were so sweet.

(again, my co teacher and i each wrote something too).

mine said "you are awesome!!"

we glued the petals together and made flowers out of them and attached them to stems
then glued them to the bottom with the grass.

these came out so sweet....i think i loved it more than the tree....but it's a close call ;)

next i took some blue paper and made some clouds
and yellow paper for a sun

we wrote
"happy teacher appreciation week...may 4-8, 2015"
and the room and grade on them.

all the teachers that walked up and down the hall that day commented on how
great it was and how surprised she would be when she came back from vacation
and saw it.

i was actually subbing about a week later when she saw me
and told me how much she appreciated and loved it.

me with our handiwork.

sometimes all it takes to make someone feel appreciated 
is a little smile, a note of thanks, a card, or a sweet (sincere) compliment.

why not make someone's day a little brighter?
i swear it will make you feel a little happier as well.

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