Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moms That Blog (The Interviews)

Introducing.....NanLT - she's a wife and mother of three, a writer and lover of learning new things.  And she loves to cook and share handy tips on her cooking blog.....That makes her a great Mom That Blogs!

Tell Us A Bit About Yourself.....I'm a small town Kansas girl from birth.  I was born and lived my entire life in Kansas until 1998.  I met my future husband in an internet chatroom.   Back in Kansas, I was a nurse working night shift in the Intensive Care Unit.  I have an interest in alternative healing methods as well and  began my studies in Reiki Healing back in 1993.  In 1998 I obtained the Master Reiki Teacher level.
I moved to the UK in July 1998 along with my eldest son.  In August 1998 my hubby and I were married.  Four long years later, after a lot of infertility issues our son was born, followed two years later by our youngest.  You will see my children referred to in blogs as "Number 1 Son", "Thing 1", and "Thing 2".

I quit working as a nurse back in 1998 and have never gone back.  I'm a very happy stay at home wife and mother. I do some volunteer work with  my sons' school.  Four years ago I was elected as parent governor at the school and this year I was elected a Parent Governor Representative (as such I represent the views of all parents in the Borough) for London  Borough of Bromley's Children and young People Services Policy  Development and Scrutiny Committee (CYP:PDS).

When did you first start blogging.....I've only been officially blogging a few months now, but I started writing online via a place called Squidoo back in January 2009.
What is your blog about......I have five blogs, all of which focus on a different aspect of my life which I write about. The big one I focus on for Bloggy Mom's is "Cooking with NanLT" which is a place where I can blog recipes, menu plans, and toss in some tips for other home cooks using the knowledge I have accumulated over 30 years of cooking.   My other blogs can be seen via my "blogography".

Why do you blog.....Blogging lets me promote my writing and also gives me the opportunity to expand out further on some subjects. 

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What inspires you.....My hubby. My kids. Something I've seen briefly on TV. A passage read in a book. Hunger. And sometimes my inspirations come from out of thin air.

You can read more about NanLT by checking out her blog at Cooking with NanLT.

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