Monday, July 19, 2010

Upcoming Sesame Street eBooks Review

I was recently asked to review the new Sesame Street eBooks site.  I was super excited to be chosen.  I have been a fan of Sesame Street since I was a child and my children are fans as well.  Sesame Street is such an awesome children's program and of course their newest site is just as wonderful. 

As a bonus, they have offered to let my readers view 5 free titles as well.  Each week the widget will reset to a new ebook for you to enjoy.  I will be posting my review soon.  At least, as soon as I can take the computer back from my boys who are enjoying the many titles and great features of this amazing family friendly site.  I will be posting the widget on my sidebar for all of you to enjoy. Again, I'm looking forward to sharing my review with all of you soon, until then....Enjoy!

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