Thursday, July 29, 2010

Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs!!

Helppppp.....Pirates have invaded the house and they're treasure hunting in my backyard!!!

We read two pirate books today and then we pretended to be pirates and followed a map in search of treasure.  While enjoying the loots from their plunder, they watched Scooby Doo and The Pirates Ahoy.  We also made pirate hats, a pirate flag and parrots.  Nicholas actually brought home a hat, parrot and eye patch that he made during his story group at the library on Wednesday and of course Nathan wanted I made a little trip to the library in search of pirate books and helped Nathan make his own hat and parrot and a pirate flag (black poster board with a stick from the yard and a blown up pic of a skull and crossbones glued to the board).

I also made a map of the yard for them and hid a small box full of little treasures to find.  I used one of Rich's old cigar boxes and filled it with small coins (from the dollar store, of course), candy necklaces and rings and scooby gummy snacks....I know, not the healthiest of food, but hey you gotta live sometimes!

To make the map, I taped four pieces of paper together and crumpled them up.  Next, I drew on the map.  Then I used tea bags dipped in hot water to age the paper.  I even broke one bag open and let some of the tea get on the paper, giving it a dirt effect.  After it dried, I burned the edges of the map. 

I printed out a picture of a parrot for Nathan to color and cut it out.  I glued them together with a "pinchy" clothes pin in the middle to help the parrot sit on his shoulder.

The boys then dubbed themselves Captain Smarty Pants (Nicholas) and First Mate Natters (Nathan) and off they went in search of the treasure.

(First Mate Natters said he had to pee......hehehehehe)

The books we read were I Love My Pirate Papa by Laura Leuck and Don't Mention Pirates by Sarah McConnell. 

Nathan really got into the whole theme coming up with phrases like Ahoy Matey, Shiver Me Timbers and Avast Ye Scurvy Dogs.  I love watching their imaginations at work! I think they enjoyed their piratey day!

And, don't worry this pirate mom was a nasty mean wench and made them brush their teeth when they were done with all that gooey booty!

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