Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Another Round of Random Crap.....

*Remember my post about not having cute, pretty bras and how I basically gravitate towards plain, boring white ones, instead of flashy colored ones for practical reasons? Well, I finally went out and bought myself some cute ones.

Bright Pink....Purple, etc. I was quite happy with them, except one of them kept jabbing me in the back while I was wearing it, so I asked Rich to look and see what it was (what a great hubby, always looking out for his wife's best interests, especially when it involves female body parts hehe).

He thought it must have been the tag and so he took a pair of scissors to the tag and whoops....He said I just ripped your bra. I said Huh? thinking he was kidding. When I looked, he not only cut the tag, but the bra too. He said Don't worry about it, I'll take it back and get you another one. And he did. Only then he shared the story about how he didn't want to go look at a bunch of bras, because it made him feel "weird", so he asked a salesperson to pick one out for me. Ha! This coming from the man that had no problem perusing Frederick's of Hollywood buying me lingere. LOL....Knuckle Head!

*Not only is there Halloween crap in the stores (which I'm actually okay with, seeing as now it's September and I'm personally ready for fall. I love decorating for autumn), but the Dollar Tree has started putting out their Christmas stuff too. I noticed two or three aisles of Christmas stuff when I was there yesterday. Why oh why do stores do that crap! Like I really want to be thinking of Christmas when I'm still buying water balloons to help the kids combat the heat!!

*I Don't do garbage...You know how people say I don't do windows? Well, I don't do garbage. Never in all the 18 years that I've been married have I ever had to take out the trash. Rich did it and then the boys started doing it....This Mom doesn't do trash here at home. At work, at the end of our shift, we have to bag up our trash and pitch it. I HATE this. I HATE trash. It's disgusting and gross and just not for me. Fortunately, I never had to worry about it, because like I said - the boys and Rich take care of it here. Except for this morning....the boys didn't take it out and there wasn't anyone else to do it. So, I had to. You can only imagine how much the boys are going to hear about it when they get home - Right?!

*When I took the kids school shopping for clothes recently I bought them the obligatory undies, socks, etc. I bought Sarah bras (!!!) real bras, people! Not the training ones. When did she grow up and grow boobs? Oh and on a sidetracked note - Anthony shaves. Yes, that says shaves. I asked him about a month or so ago when I noticed he was realllly shaggy if he wanted me to teach him how (since I have to shave those old guys in the nursing home sometimes). Or if he was going to have his dad help him.  Rich ended up showing him's a good thing he did it while I was at work or I'm sure I would have snapped a pic of it to post LOL! 

At any rate, when I was buying underwear I had Zach pick out what he wanted.  Thinking he was going to pick boxer briefs, since all the boys (except Nathan) and Rich wear them.  But, Zach picked out actual boxers.  I said "You know you're going to be 'flying around in the wind' with those, right? and he said yeah.  I said well okay then and bought them.  Kids are weird when they start getting older, aren't they? Or is it just me?
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